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A Linux-focused engineer who enjoys working with various Cloud Platforms and APIs. I develop and architect systems while keeping best security practices in mind.

I work with Golang and Bash primarily, and will use Python generally for quick scripts or prototypes. situation calls for it. I’m at home in large-scale Linux cloud environments.

Terraform Automation Cloud Computing Kubernetes Python Bash Golang Monitoring


Infrastructure Engineer

noobshack | Online
August 2019 - Present

Systems Engineer
Passion project of mine centered around multiplayer dedicated gameservers.

  • Deploy containerized gameservers to Kubernetes via Terraform.
  • Wrote plugins for an extensible Discord bot in Python.
  • Gameserver statistics and information displayed on a Frontend website made with React and Typescript.
  • API that collects gameserver metrics and integrates with our database. Written in Golang.
  • Livestream work of the above projects on

Senior Software Engineer - DevOps

Labelbox | San Francisco, California
January 2020 - October 2020

DevOps Generalist
Wore many hats covering infrastructure architecture, security, and developer tooling.

  • Creation and maintenance of infrastructure using Terraform.
  • Developed a GitOps Slack bot in Golang allowing users to manage Kubernetes clusters.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines for Kubernetes to allow developers to rapidly deploy their code.
  • Worked with Keycloak to provide unified IAM regardless of what authentication protocol was being used (OAuth, AD, SAML, and LDAP) for on-prem and cloud solutions.

Senior Software Engineer - DevOps

DroneDeploy | San Francisco, California
March 2017 - December 2019

Terraform Specialist and Advocate
Setup of automated pipelines and modules to make Terraform a breeze for users.

  • Codified several AWS and GCP services via Terraform.
  • Setup and championed a GitOps workflow for developers using Atlantis.
  • Wrote a bespoke in-house Terraform drift detection tool in Python to scan all of the Terraform states and perform an on-demand or daily report to Slack so operators could easily identify what changes were present within the infrastructure across all environments.
  • Performed several migrations:
    • Compute and networking resources from AWS to GCP.
    • Self-hosted Kubernetes to managed Kubernetes.
    • Moved indexes from an in-house Elasticsearch cluster to a managed service.
    • Alarming, monitoring, and metrics from Sensu to Datadog.

Cloud Operations Engineer

Comcast | Reston, Virginia
March 2015 - October 2016

OpenStack Administrator and Tools Developer
Maintained and supported Comcast’s 100+ node OpenStack private cloud, development of several command line tools in Python and Bash.

  • Creation of capacity management and show back tool which generated on-demand reports via CLI and updated a wiki page hourly.
  • Custom scripts for deployment automation, DNS and, OpenStack tenant and application creation using the OpenStack Python bindings.
  • OpenStack contributor.

Systems Administrator

InfoRelay Online Systems | Herndon, Virginia
March 2014 - March 2015

Systems Engineer and Datacenter Technician
Worked in a 24/7 NOC for a data center colocation and web hosting provider.

  • Provided Level 3 support and remote hands for customers, resolving advanced system administration tasks relating to system configuration and maintenence, identity management and, cloud architecture.
  • Worked with company and customer servers running Windows or a flavor of Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL).
  • Oversaw development servers where new internal tools were prototyped, reviewed and, then worked towards pushing them to their production environment counterparts. Wrote site books containing step-by-step instructions on how to replicate and configure server environments.

Information Systems Intern

Intelsat | McLean, Virginia
May 2013 - August 2013

Python Developer
Source control administrator and Python advocate.

  • Created a Subversion repository for SPELL commanding procedures.
  • Extensive documentation for the administrator side and user side covering the integration of Subversion into the SPELL IDE.
  • Wrote a custom toolkit in Python to translate Intelsat’s previous satellite commanding procedures into the open-source SPELL commanding procedure language and import the translated into the SPELL repository.


noobshack | Dedicated gameservers As a PC gamer at heart, I host several servers for the public to enjoy so that I can play with my friends as well as improve my technical skills as an infrastructure engineer and programmer.
clairvoyance Terraform drift detector written in Golang, allows sending of drift reports to Discord.
dotfiles Terminal, window manager, nvim settings, alongside a macOS/Linux bootstrap script.
wizworm Discord bot that I use for the servers I maintain. Allows me to interact with users in unique ways, as well as gathering and reporting information for several games that I enjoy.
ProjektDragon Open source community for the streamer, TheSushiDragon.

Skills & Proficiency

Cloud Computing